What is ABC State?

ABC State is a self-organising system which incorporates and complements standard consequence systems in schools. The role and behaviour of the teacher is dependent on the collective behaviour of students, the degree to which the teacher is disciplinarian or learning-facilitator.

Students are responsible for their own behaviour. The ABC State structure shows students how their individual behaviour effects whole class state which in turn determines the role of the teacher. It is within their power to generate great classes.


ABC refers to the whole class dynamic, not the individual. Teachers record the state of the class every lesson and prepare for that state in the following lesson. C-state is a normal class where the teacher implements school consequence system. Download Quick Guide.

A state

A-state is where everyone has their self-discipline. As a result, activities which involve greater trust are enable

B state

B-state is where someone loses their self-discipline (not paying attention, not working, dropping litter) but when someone points it out they correct it (pay attention, do work, pick up litter).

C state

C-state is when someone loses their self discipline, it is pointed out, and they continue. Then the teacher is empower (by government) to enforce sanctions.

 Design basis

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“Social structure is a necessary condition for, and medium of, intentional agency, which is in turn a necessary condition for the reproduction or transformation of social forms.”

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“Control is dissipated into the group, community, network, system, and indeed frames itself.”

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“The central actions taken are purposeful and aim at creating desired outcomes and they are evaluated according to how well they produce those outcomes. Hence the knowledge creation process is based on the inquirer’s norms, value and interests.”

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